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We reduce your taxes and protect you from the IRS.

Federally Licensed in All 50 States

Tax Relief Experts

We focus on lowering our clients taxable income through optimizing deductions, and utilizing current tax law to the fullest extent allowable by law. If there’s money to save, we’ll find it!

Loan Approvals

We work with your Mortgage Broker to get you approved for the maximum loan amount fast.

Optimized Deductions

We help you optimize your business & personal tax deductions which can dramatically lowers your taxes.

IRS & State Letters

We respond to IRS & State letters within 24 hours and immediately help to reduce future in-depth audits.

Liens & Levies

We remove State & Federal liens and levies quickly and discreetly.

World Class Services

Our Specialties

Federally Licensed in All 50 States

Business + Personal

We develop and optimize tax saving strategies that will ensure that you’re getting the best possible outcome allowed by law.

IRS & State

Permanently resolve IRS and State tax issues with the leading tax experts in the Northwest. We save our clients millions every year by focusing on negotiations & mediation with all agencies involved.

Protect Yourself

Stop Harrasment

We immediately stop the harassment of new clients within 24 hours. Our clients never meet or talk to IRS or State agents for their own protection.

Take Control

Rid Levies & Liens

We will put an end to wage garnishments, levies, and liens. In many cases, we can get the IRS or State to remove property liens for a quick sale.

Fullfil a Dream

Get a Home Loan

We work quickly to get your back-taxes filed and your financials in order, so that you can qualify for the maximum amount of loans available. 

Master Tax Professionals

The Art of Tax Reduction

Lowering tax liability takes time, diligence, expertise, and a deep understanding of tax law.

We are willing to dig until we find a way to get you the lowest possible tax liability allowable by law. This may include getting resourceful about expenses, finding loopholes, utilizing new tax codes, and reorganizing your business structures for the best outcome.

We are Federally licensed and have been awarded the highest credentials issued by the IRS and United States Department of Treasury with unlimited representation rights.

The Better Way To Do Business

Our Premium Financial Services Will Help Reduce Your Taxes.

Businesses Formed

Lowering client’s tax liabilities through optimized & correctly selected business formations.

IRS Tax Cases Won

We save our clients millions every year by permanently resolving IRS and State tax issues.


Reduced Taxable Income

We dig until we find a way to get you the lowest possible tax liability allowable by law. 

Tax Professional Awards

We have been awarded the highest credentials issued by the IRS and United States Department of Treasury.

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Make Good Choices

What Could You Do With All That Extra Money?

Imagine how an extra $2,500-$30,000 could improve your life by helping you grow your business, paying off loans, sending the kids to college, updating the car, donating to your favorite cause, or taking that well needed vacation.

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