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Top Coeur d’Alene business retailers understand the value of always putting their “cleanest foot” forward; customers appreciate this and return the favor by becoming repeat and loyal customers. A rusty car immediately makes you think that in addition to looking bad it must also be mechanically bad-regardless if this is true or not, that’s the perception most people will have. What people see on the outside or inside of your Coeur d’Alene business’s store will greatly influence what they think about your products or services. Here are a few quick cleanup suggestions that will keep your store looking great for your customers and that can drastically increase the amount of drop-in and return visits.

Clean for More Green Tips

  • Take five minutes before opening in the morning and closing at night to pick up trash outside your business-off the sidewalk, in the alley, and around the parking lot and sidewalk areas, even if you share them with other CDA businesses.
  • Wash interior and exterior windows and in-store displays at least every week (daily if you feel that it is required due to the amount of traffic your shop receives). However, the front door glass should be cleaned every day without exception as this is the most visible surface area to customers coming and going.
  • Keep a can of paint handy that matches your wall colors to touch up nicks and scratches in the paint as they occur. Additionally, try to keep a few floor tiles handy that match your existing flooring to occasionally replace any that begin to show wear, especially in the high-traffic areas around the front door, changing rooms, washrooms, and cash register.
  • Remove clutter around the cash register and boxes that seem to magically get stacked up in back corners. Follow one simple rule: If it cannot be sold or used to sell other things then you do not need it hanging around, regardless of what it may be.
  • Pitch handwritten signs into the trash and replace them with computer-generated signs that you can make right on your computer or have made inexpensively at the local sign shop. If your budget is tight then try bartering your goods with the sign maker in exchange for the signs you need to improve the look of your business. Great looking signs are proven to increase impulse buying from customers who are better informed about what you sell.
  • Vacuum the carpets daily or polish floors daily if you have hard surfaces and place wear mats at entrances, exits, and other high foot traffic areas within the store. Likewise, keep on top of gum, pricing stickers, and tape that will become part of the surface unless they are removed from flooring and displays daily.
  • Dust daily and don’t forget to include around and inside light fixtures and display cases. Nothing will turn potential customers away quicker than having to blow dust off a product just so that they can read the label or pricing sticker.
  • Public washrooms should be checked, cleaned, and restocked with paper products and soaps throughout the day as needed. In general, strive to keep your place of business cleaner than the competition; your customers will love you for it and reward you by being loyal buyers.
  • Keep on top of graffiti on the outside of your store. Most communities now have graffiti removal services that for a flat monthly fee will automatically check the outside of your shop weekly and remove any graffiti caused by spray paint, markers, or chalk. Though another expense, this type of service can return your investment many times over.
  • Keep a supply of light bulbs on hand to replace burned out lights inside and outside your shop as required including signage and display case lights.

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