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Who doesn’t remember when they receive something for free? It makes people feel like they won something. I’m sure we can all recall something a retailer or service provider has given us a product or service at no charge, and I will bet you felt special and appreciated as a customer at the time. Do you think that the first pizza shop owner to offer free pizza delivery understood at the time that he was forever changing the way pizza was delivered to homes? Probably not, but that one decision is likely the main reason that pizza has become one of the most consumed fast foods in North America.

Basically, the Coeur d’Alene businessperson responsible for free pizza delivery created an entire industry. Now I’m not suggesting that your free offering has to have the same impact, but it’s a fact that people remember getting something for free and will return to buy in the future because of it and refer others to also buy. A restaurant may offer a bottomless cup of coffee. A car dealership may give away a free tank of gas with every new or used car purchased. A clothing retailer may give away a free dry-cleaning coupon with every article of clothing sold.

Carefully examine what you are currently doing, is there one or more things that you are giving to customers for free? If so make a big deal out of it, don’t let it go unnoticed, advertise it, talk about it, and most of all get the most mileage you can from it. But make sure that your customers are aware of the true value of the freebie, especially if a competitor charges for this item or service that you are giving to your customers. Become known for giving something away for free, promote that fact in all marketing materials, and watch your sales and customer loyalty skyrocket. Here are a few good ways that retailers of commonly sold goods can become known for providing customers something free.

Auto Dealer

A free tank of gas with every new or used automobile purchased.


A bottomless cup of coffee or soda with every meal purchased.

Fashion Retailer

Free replacement buttons for as long as you own the garment that you purchased.

Toy Store

Free batteries on every item purchased that requires batteries to operate.

Electronics Retailer

A free universal remote control on every television, stereo, DVD, or CD player purchased.

Computer Retailer

Free in-home delivery and setup on all complete computer packages purchased.

Grocery Store

I free bottle of spring water with every purchase more or $25.

Hardware Store

A free screwdriver or new small hand tool of the week included with every purchase more than $25.

Lighting Retailer

Free light bulbs included with every light or lamp purchased.

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