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Expenses represent the cost of doing business. There are no limits to what this includes as long as it is an expense that relates to your Coeur d’Alene business and is necessary.

Example of cost include:

  • Accounting expenditures
  • Depreciation of fixed assets assigned to non-production areas
  • Insurance costs
  • Legal fees
  • Office supplies
  • Property taxes
  • Rent costs for non-production facilities
  • Repair costs for non-production facilities
  • Utility costs
  • Advertising costs
  • Direct mailing costs
  • Entertainment costs
  • Sales material costs
  • Travel costs
  • Freight in and freight out
  • Direct materials
  • Direct labor
  • Rent of production facilities
  • Compensation for production personnel
  • Benefits for production personnel
  • Depreciation of production equipment and facilities
  • Repair of production equipment and facilities
  • Utility costs for production facilities
  • Property taxes on production facilities

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