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Make a memorable impact on people when you introduce your Coeur d’Alene business by developing a creative and memorable verbal introduction. Here are a few before and after examples, you decide which you think will have the greatest impact, create the most interest, and be the most memorable.

Idaho Beauty Advisor


“I sell makeup.”


“I help people look ten years younger and feel more confident.”

Idaho Mortgage Broker


“I arrange mortgages.”


“I turn dreams of home ownership into reality.”

Marketing Consultant


“I help small-business owners market their products and services.”


“I help small-business owners with limited marketing budgets grow their businesses and increase profits.”

As the examples above clearly demonstrate, the way in which your Coeur d’Alene business introduce itself can be serious or a little fun depending on the situation and the guests in attendance. But the key to a great introduction is to make it memorable and to instantly tell people what the biggest benefit of what your Idaho business does, or sells. This message must be clear, easy understand, and directly to the point. In short, you. Creative introduction should be your unique selling proposition and become the cornerstone of all your marketing activities.

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